On Tuesday October 13, the Prince George’s County Council Committee of the Whole is voting on CR-100-2020, which is a resolution to approve a contract that will result in a public-private partnership to build six new schools (replacements for Drew-Freeman, Hyattsville, Kenmoor and Walker Mill middle schools in addition to an new Adelphi area middle school and a new south county kindergarten through eighth grade school).

At this point there is not clear whether these schools will be 100% Clean Energy.  This is important because the useful life of school buildings is quite long and the buildings and much of the equipment being installed will still be in use in 2050, when we need to be at net zero emissions in order to stave off the Climate Emergency. 

We need you to TESTIFY or WRITE A COMMENT saying that you want these schools to be 100% Clean Energy.

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If you need inspiration your can read our testimony.