Today our work for 100% Clean Energy Schools was featured by Aspen Institute K-12 Climate Action Program as part of the rollout for their School Climate Action Toolkit through a blog post co-authored by Board Member Pamela Boozer-Strother and lead volunteer Joseph Jakuta.

As climate change has become a more pressing and visible issue over the past decade, one thing we have learned is that we have the solutions available. What we need is to bring people along, to listen, and to involve all stakeholders in finding the solutions that work for all of us. This is certainly true in school systems, which are deeply rooted in communities and are charged with preparing today’s students for the future.

Communities around the country – often led by youth and parent activists – have been advocating for schools, communities, and governments to take action on climate change. One way schools can address climate change is to reduce their carbon footprints by transitioning to clean energy….

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