The Climate Change Action Plan is in place and we need to call for funding for the first year’s priorities in the upcoming budget development. We need you to voice your support for some if not all of these actions:

  • Implement a Sustainability/Resiliency Officer Position
  • A Curriculum and Environmental Justice Work Group (CCEJWG) and the Climate Ready Leadership Summit.
  • Performance of a  Comprehensive Energy Audit All Existing Buildings
  • Solar Energy Purchases through Power Purchase Agreements
  • Begin Purchasing Electric Vehicles and Grounds Maintenance Equipment
  • A Baseline Assessments for Food Waste and Values- Driven Purchasing
  • Resilient Food Production on PGCPS Properties
  • Reductions in School Meal Packaging Sent to the Landfill
  • More Trees at Each School and Across the School System

The opportunities to sign up to speak at Board Meetings happen quick so let us know if you can participate and we will let you know when to register. The next meeting we will need you to testify at is on February 2, followed by one on February 15.