The Maryland General Assembly is underway and we have been continuing our work providing support for laws that will lead to greenhouse gas free schools. Of course we do this as part of the Maryland Climate Justice Wing. Here is the second set of the testimony that we have submitted in the 2023 legislative session (the first can be found here and the second can be found here).

  • Speed Limits – School Zones (SB 11)
  • Solar on Schools – (SB 235 / HB 300)
  • Community Solar Energy Generating Systems Program (SB 613HB 908)
  • Public School Construction – Grant Programs, Approvals, and Administration – Alterations (SB 360 / HB 458)
  • Regulation Procedures and the Maryland Register (SB 649 / HB 817)

If you would like to help us review more bills let please consider volunteering.