No Love For Polluters
Saturday, February 14, 2021
On this Valentines Day, join us in giving no love to polluters.  Friends of the Earth is leading a call to demand that the Prince George’s County Council pass legislation to ban new fossil fuel power plants in the Prince George’s County. We already have a cluster of 4 power plants that are a major problem in Southern PG. We need prevent number 5!

Register at:


Prince George’s County Environmental Forum
Saturday, February 13, 2021
3:30PM to 5:30PM

Advance registration is required by going here: – space is limited.

Topics Include:

  1. Success Fighting County Power Plants: Caryl Alexander, Clean Air Prince George’s
  2. County Climate Action Commission Update: Dawn Hawkins-Nixon, P.E., Depart. of the Environment
  3. Clean Energy Schools: Joseph Jakuta, Climate Parents
  4. Stronger Forest Conservation Requirements: Ben Alexandro, Maryland League of Conservation Voters
  5. Joint Base Andrews Contaminates Prince George’s County with PFAs: Patrick Elder, Military Poisons
  6. SCMaglev is not solution for Prince George’s County or Maryland: Sam Droege, MCRT and Dan Woomer, CATS


The Maryland General Assembly has started their 2021 session and many bills that are being brought up will have an impact on the climate future of our children and future generations. So we have been writing testimony on some of the more important ones as part of the Maryland Climate Justice Wing. Here is some of the testimony that we have submitted so far in the legislative session.


The students of the Eleanor Roosevelt High School Environmental Defense Club produced some well thought out videos as testimony in support of the 100% Clean Energy School petitions.  The videos were submitted as official testimony at the January 14, 2021 Board of Education meeting for the first reader.  We wanted to share their good work with you too.

Shamita Nandeeswaran and Mizan Abraha on the need for clean buses:


Maya Miller on the need for the Climate Parent Goals:


Chad Bo on the need for clean buses:


Thi Bao Le, Huy Chan Lam, Diana Bui Phan, Gabriel David Cruz Jr. on the impacts of climate change:


Kalyansudhan Ganesan on the impact of climate change on healthy air:


Cyrill Fredrich Moreno on the need for the Climate Parent Goals:


Breanna Malcolm also provided written testimony .